I Promise

I have the pleasure of introducing a special guest-blogger on my site: my nine year-old daughter, Adeline Rose. The following is a story written yesterday from my daughter’s perspective on meeting our new foster baby. “Thaddaeus, Adeline, Jeremiah, could you come downstairs for a minute? We need to talk to you about something!” my dad yells from downstairs. We all run into the kitchen. “What?” we ask. “Come to the living room,” my mom says. What could they want to talk about? I wonder. “But I wanna go play!” Thadd whines as he slouches on the couch. “I know, I know,” my dad says patiently. “OK listen. Me and Mommy wanted to get your opinion on something. There is a little three month old baby that needs a home. Casey, our case worker called and was wondering if we will take care of her.” My eyes widened. My soul was full of hope. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes YES!” I shouted excitedly. “Alright, how about you, Jeremiah?” Daddy said. “Mmm, sure,” JP said. “Thadd?” “Uuuhh nothing. Hmmf,” Thadd said. My dad laughed. “Ha. That won’t get us anywhere.” That kind of disappointed me. “Are you sure, Thadd?” I asked hopeful. “Huh, yesh.” My mom corrected him, “Yesss. Don’t forget to smile.” Then we all laughed. “Bu bu bu bu bu bu!” Rings my mom’s phone. My mom goes to the room to get her phone. “And who knows? The baby could be black, white, hispanic, anything!” my dad says. “Hello, Casey. Yes, we were talking about her,” my mom replies. My mom gives my dad a quick questioning glance. Dad nods his head. “Yes, Casey we’ll take her,” my mom answers. My heart bounces all around my chest. 2 months ago I had to say goodbye to two foster children. Now I’m going to say hello to another foster baby. I bounce on the couch, everyone’s excited! But the worst part is waiting. She won’t come ’till six o’ clock. The hours tick by. Everything is ready for the new baby. My parents start to get dinner ready. We’re having spagetti. (Not exactly my favorite dinner.) “Ding dong!” It’s Casey. He’s here for my parents to fill out some paperwork. “Hi Casey, do you want anything to drink? Any water, coffee?” Daddy asks. “Na, no I’m good. Thank you though,” Casey replies. “Alright kids dinner’s ready!” my dad says. “Wash up! Casey would you like to join us?” “Sure,” Casey says. “It’s gonna be another hour and a half.” “I’ll cut you up some bell peppers and apples, ’cause you’re on a diet. And you can have the meat and sauce if you want,” my mom offers. “OK, I’ll have some,” our case worker says. “Alright, let’s pray.” We all hold hands except for Casey ’cause you know, he’s not a part of the family. But he doesn’t seem to mind. “Dear father,” my dad begins, “thank you that Casey can have dinner with us, thank you for the little foster baby that will be staying with us, I pray you will bless her and keep her and thank you for this food.” “Amen,” everyone says. “So how long have you been on your diet?” my mom asks. “Um, about a month or so,” Casey replies. “Me and Jason were on a paleo diet. We were eating disgusting stuff like liver. For breakfast!” Mommy said. “Yup. We would have fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Dad said. Casey made a disgusted face. Soon everyone’s done with dinner. Daddy gets the dishes done while Mommy puts stuff away. “Guess what time it is!” my dad says. My mom reads my dad’s mind. “Coffee time!” my mom answers. “Hey Casey, do you want some coffee?” “Sure, I’ll take some,” Casey replies. I tap my mom’s arm. “Could I have what’s left in the coffee pot?” I ask. She smiles. “Yes, Addie you may,” she answers. I pour myself a cup of coffee, put cream in and a bunch of sugar. I take a tiny sip. “She’s here!” someone shouts. I run outside. But I can’t see the baby. I just get in people’s way. Finally, everyone’s inside. I look at the baby. She’s not exactly what I expected. But, I love her. Then I run upstairs to watch 1 episode of lego chima. Then I go to my room and start writing this book. After Casey and the woman who brought my new sister left, me, JP, Thadd, Mommy, Daddy and the foster baby gather around the couch. And this is the time I say 1 important promise. “Mommy I’m going to help you.”

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