New Every Morning

As I reflect on this past year I am struck by the Lord’s sustaining love and faithfulness towards me personally. I have come to know the Good Shepherd in deeper ways than ever before. He speaks His tender love in our moments of greatest weakness. Truly His heart is gentle and lowly toward the weary and heavy-laden. He alone gives rest for our souls!

It has been a year of growth for all of us, physically as well as mentally and spiritually. My children are not only growing taller (they have almost all passed me in height!), but they are growing in their responsibilities. Adeline is 17 now and in Challenge 3 in Classical Conversations, which corresponds with her junior year in high school. She is thriving in her education and handling well the challenges of owning a car and having a part time job at our local BBQ restaurant. Jeremiah is 15 and is growing inches every hour. I have had the privilege of directing his Challenge B class this year in Classical Conversations (CC), and he is a freshman. He loves building things and he and Thaddaeus, along with their cousin, built a custom-made clubhouse on the property. Thaddaeus is in seventh grade and in Foundations and Essentials in CC this year. He’s doing great in his studies and plans to do memory master this year, which is a challenge of reciting almost 400 facts in various categories. All three of them have enjoyed learning how to ballroom dance together. Jason is a driver operator in the Woodlands Fire Department and last July completed ten years with WFD! The Lord has blessed us tremendously throughout those years. He is so faithful! Jason’s work load has definitely increased due to all of the protocols for COVID and he continues to work tirelessly without complaining, and truly brings the light of the gospel to a very dark world.

Another way our family has been growing is spiritually. However, spiritual growth is not something you can measure easily as you can the physical inches of your children’s height. I think it’s measured in tears and prayers. As a mother, so much of my prayer life is spent on my children’s spiritual health. I pour myself out for them. We have had opportunities to grow spiritually through a missions trip we took to Oaxaca, Mexico in the summer (my previous blog post was all about this time), through changes in our church home, and now through the possibility of entering the battlefield of adoption once again. I am not at liberty to disclose many details about our adoption journey online, but I would love to talk to you more about this over a cup of coffee! We covet your prayers and if you would be interested in being part of our prayer team, please let me know!

Towards the end of the year my mother’s health went downhill. She has had Parkinson’s Disease for 13 years now and she has been dealing with some concerning health challenges. I had the sweet opportunity to spend several days with her, caring for her over Christmas break. Please pray for our family during this challenging time.

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness! Lamentations 3:22-23

May you remember the great love and mercy of our God this new year and may you be filled with a joy that can only be explained by the mighty strength of His Spirit within you!


the Browns

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