Home, At Last!!!

IMG_8204We are home!  After 17 months living with extended family, 14 months studying for paramedic class, 5 attempts to purchasing houses vastly different from each other, and countless walks around the subdivision offering desperate tears to the God that continued to close doors, we were given the key to a beautiful home in Katy, TX.

Life is surreal.  I wake up in the morning and pour hot coffee and sit in my living room on a chair we bought from craigslist.  The one with the cat scratches.  I smile silly and just look up the stairs and wait as they come down with messy hair and morning breath.  Jeremiah, his red fleece blanket wrapped around him, descends slowly.  His eyes sparkle joy.  He crawls on my lap and snuggles.  He tries to suck his thumb without my noticing.

He takes it out just long enough to manage, “I love our house, Mommy.”  The thumb goes back in.

My smile is still plastered over my giddy face.  I bring my coffee cup carefully around him and set it up on the little bookcase Jason made a few years ago.  I kiss my son’s head.  “God gave you the desire of your heart, Jeremiah.”

He looks at me in question and I point up from where he has just come from.  And he understands slowly as a smile curls from around the thumb.  “Stairs!” he exclaims.

And we rejoice together as we sit there because stairs is a big thing.  A longing fulfilled.  Like drinking cool water in a desert.  No.  Rather like coming from the desert to the promised land.


3 Replies to “Home, At Last!!!”

  1. Precious blog!! I’m so so happy for y’all, as I read your story the lump of joy was in my heart!! Glory to Him!!

  2. We are so very happy for you all and it has been a blessing to have walked this journey along side you. God is good, faithful and never shows up late. His timing is always perfect and the very best for us. We are very grateful and thankful that God allowed us to live so close for those 17 months and do life together as a family. There were so many precious times that will always be treasured. Now life together will still be able to continue but just with a little more distant between us and having to do more planning ahead. Love you all very much!!

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