About Me

Dear Reader,
As recently transplanted from the frenzied surge of suburbia to the quiet ease of country living, I have found rest, deep rest for my soul. It has been a culture shock of sorts as my family and I have adjusted, rather quickly, to a slower pace and to good, hard work. We have become farmers, working the ground and caring for animals and seeing, with great satisfaction, the fruit of our labors. At the end of a day, we sit back to enjoy a meal provided by the very land we live on and from the dear animals we attend to. Ours is a simple life, but full of meaning and purpose. All that is here attests to the glory of God. Every bird, every plant, every sunset and creature proclaims the majesty of the Creator and invites us to deep joy and profound rest. It is specifically to this rest that I call you. My words here are a place for the weary. A place for those in need of connection to the Father. A place for those long-parched souls to drink deeply the still, cool waters of the presence of the Almighty God.
May the Light of His Countenance Shine upon you,
Kristin Joy

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